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WSformat is a formatting and printing program for Wordstar (DOS) files. WSedit and WSformat together are the full-featured word processing suite Write&Set, running under current operating systems. Word processing with Write&Set divides the job of producing a document in two parts: editing and - later - formatting and printing. These two parts of the job are done by separate programs: WSedit and WSformat. Nevertheless, running the two programs simultaneously offers you the look-and-feel of a single program. This concept simplifies word processing and enables you compiling a single document with hundreds of pages without any problems.

Write&Set is based on the Wordstar DOS philosophy ('what you see is what you want' and not 'what you see is what you get'). WSformat does have a provision for document preview.

WSformat is Shareware and WSedit is Freeware.

WSformat supports hyphenation, the creation of end notes and footnotes, generation of tables of contents and indexes, line drawing, embedding graphics in text and allows conditional statements. In contrast to the older DOS Wordstar versions, document preview and printing use functions provided by the Windows (or OS/2) operating systems. This means you have access to the printers and type fonts which are installed on the operating system.

Wordstar Compatiblity: WSformat accepts all Wordstar (DOS) files, but does not support all Wordstar DOS functions, i.e., those which were added after Wordstar Version 4. Instead, some extended functions (such as generating tables of contents or handling footnotes) are implemented in a WSformat-specific way. Basic Wordstar 5-7 'symmetrical sequences' are recognized (indentions, for example).

Since WSformat 0.99, an ASCII format "Write&Set TXT" is also supported.

The Write&Set command syntax is very similar to that of Hypermake. From a WS file, Hypermake will generate an equivalent file in RTF, Winhelp, HTML, IBM Help or Microsoft HTML-Help format. The Windows and IBM Help files of WSformat and WSedit were compiled from WS (Write&Set unformatted) files.

WSformat requires Windows 98, Windows NT 4, OS/2 Warp 3 or later.

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