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WSedit is a Freeware editor with CUA (default Windows) and Wordstar key commands. If you know the behaviour of Wordstar DOS, the "feeling" of WSedit will be similar. WSedit reads and writes the file formats Wordstar 3.4 - 7, ASCII ISO and IBM codepage and works fine with very large files up to 20 MB.

If you don't use the Wordstar file format and don't know about the Wordstar Ctrl key commands, WSedit is a powerful text editor for large ASCII files with/without word wrapping.

Supported operating systems: Windows 95, Windows NT 4, OS/2 Warp 3 or later (Windows XP respective eCS 1.1).

WSedit Feature list:

WSedit and Hypermake

WSedit is very similar to the integrated editor of the graphical version of Hypermake. In addition to the Hypermake editor, WSedit has got a "Ctrl command overview" and a macro recorder. WSedit and Hypermake share the same program source, so future development of both editors will be simultaneous. The Hypermake editor reads and writes Wordstar files since Hypermake 4.1.

Spell checking and Translation dictionary files

On the download page, you will find spell checking files for english and german language. Translation files for German to English and reverse are also available.

WSedit creates spell checking files by analysing your existing well-checked text files. If you have created a useful spell-checking file for your own purpose, please send this file to me. I will merge the file with the current spell checking file and publish it here.

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