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The current version of Write&Set, WSedit and WSformat is 0.99k. There are single archive files containing WSedit alone and the Write&Set archive files containing both WSedit, WSformat and a common installation program for both programs.

Write&Set (WSedit + WSformat)

The Write&Set archive files contain both WSedit and WSformat . Please download WSET-OS2.ZIP for OS/2 (2,0 MB) or WSET-WIN.EXE for Windows (2,2 MB). It contains also a common installation program and the source files of the WSedit and WSformat documentation in WS file format (which you can format and print with WSformat).

WSedit (stand alone)

Here you can download WSEDIT-O.ZIP for OS/2 and WSEDIT-W.EXE for Windows (0,5 MB), if you are only interested in the Editor.

Spell checking files

Thanks to Philip Griffin-Allwood to generate an US-english spell checking file (0,2 MB). For german users: Here you can download my current german spell checking file (0,1 MB).

I would be glad to publish other languages, too. If you have got a spell checking file, please send it to me.

Translation files

Please download the german-english translation file (1,7 MB) for WSedit bubble and dialog translation. Have you found any translation files for other languages? If so, please inform me.