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WSedit is Freeware. WSformat is Freeware if you want to format documents with less than 40 pages and Shareware for documents with more than 40 pages. After 50 number of uses without registering WSformat you won't be able to format documents which are longer than 40 pages; registering removes this limitation. You are allowed to send WSformat to friends or to a publishing house for printing your formatted document. The registration key rests on your computer. WSedit is Freeware.

The normal registration fee is 60 Dollar or 50 EUR. The student registration fee is only 25$ or 20 EUR.

The key is valid for all 1.X versions and for all supported operating systems.

When ordering more than one licenses, you will get a 40% discount for every additional license (non-student licenses).

To register from the EURO region, send an E-Mail with your name and send the money to the bank account which you can find in the WSformat documentation, chapter About - Registration. My name is Martin Vieregg, the E-Mail address is

To register from non-EURO region, please register via BMT Micro:

Write and Set - Windows

Write and Set - OS/2

Write and Set - Windows with Student Discount

Write and Set - OS/2 with Student Discount